RDM was founded in 2000 and specializes in Competition Law consultancy, with broad reputation before competition authority.

Experienced economics specialist and lawyers are working in the company.

Since 2000, RDM has been working with global enterprises and Turkey’s leading companies; which include Turkey’s leading two GSM companies, two largest beverage organizations globally, leading beer company in Turkey, leading fuel and automotive companies and such. RDM’s relationship with each of these companies has been around 7-8 years.

RDM is highly specialized in Telecommunications, Automotive and FMCG markets.

The company is highly efficient towards companies in dominant positions in their markets and has served as consultant to leading beverage, FMCG, electronics, mobile phone, telecommunications organizations.

RDM has great experience in the compliance of competition law towards automotive sector (Automotive Block Exemption). Many automotive companies and mainly Automotive Manufacturers Associations, are amongst RDM’s references.

The application of competition law to FMCG markets is another expertise of RDM Competition Consultancy. With almost 20 years of experience, RDM consults on relationship with competitors, customers, dealers and chain markets.

RDM has conducted many important merger and acquisition projects by representing leading companies before Competition Authority; obtaining necessary permits on short notice.