After graduating from Atatürk High School in Ankara, he completed his university education in Paris with a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees. He served as consultant to the head consultant to the president of BIPE, one of the leading economic research organizations in Paris.

In 1986, Dr. MetinKanmaz started working for Koç Holding. With VehbiKoç’s incentive, he studied in the College of Europe for his expertise on European Union Law and especially Competition Law. After 1987, he managed the application of Competition Law in Turkey and Koç Holding’s adaptation to competition legislations for 14 years.

In the meantime, he founded the competition law workgroup among TUSİAD (Turkish businessmen organization) and coordinated this group for 4-5 years. He also conducted negotiations with Automotive Manufacturers Association on customs union.

Dr. MetinKanmaz contributed to the foundation of European Union postgraduate programs in Istanbul University and gave lectures on Competition Law as instructor. He also gave lectures in Marmara University European Union Institution and French Public Administration programs, among with several other universities in Paris.

In 2000 he founded RDM Competition Consultancy, a company specialized in Competition Law. RDM has since been working with global enterprises and Turkey’s leading companies; which include Turkey’s leading two GSM companies, two largest beverage organizations globally, leading beer company in Turkey, leading fuel and automotive companies and such.

Dr. Metin Kanmaz has about 20 years of experience in Competition Law. He speaks fluent French and English.